What Cities And Counties Do You Specifically Serve In Virginia?

Unlike the other 49 states, Virginia has 95 independent counties and 38 independent cities! New Day Legal serves all the cities in two of the four Divisions of the Eastern District of Virginia, which for the Alexandria Division includes the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, and Manassas Park. For the Richmond Division we serve the cities of Colonial Heights, Emporia, Fredericksburg, Hopewell, Richmond, and Petersburg. The Alexandria Division counties that we serve are Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford. For the Richmond Division we serve the counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Caroline, Charles City, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Essex, Goochland, Greensville, Hanover, King and Queen, King George, King William, Lancaster, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Middlesex, Northumberland, Nottaway, Prince Edward, Prince George, the county of Richmond, and also the counties of Spotsylvania, Surrey, Sussex, and Westmoreland. We serve all towns within those named counties. We also handle any Western District cases in the Northern half of the state.

Why Did You Choose To Practice Bankruptcy Law As Opposed To Other Areas Of Law?

More than thirty years ago we had people coming to our office who were unable to resolve disputes with all their creditors. Many people were only making $15,000 per year, and had $25,000 of debt or more, and “managing it” was going to take them more than 15 years, just like now. Before 1990, our attitude was that anyone can handle their debt, but more and more cases came spilling into our offices during the 1990’s. We worked with a lawyer in Alexandria who knew how to file bankruptcies for them, and we handled the face-to-face in Warrenton. When that attorney moved away to start a buffalo farm in New York, we got the computer program to prepare the cases ourselves and handle the whole thing from start to finish. Though we handled mostly criminal and personal injury trials, we slowly developed the reputation as “that bankruptcy guy”. Referrals constituted the bulk of our business as it does today. Then, during the 2008 crisis, we ramped up to handle the demand. Our referrals have continued to expand until bankruptcy has now become our primary focus. Literally ninety-eight percent of our business is bankruptcy law.

What Sets You Apart From Other Lawyers That Practice Bankruptcy Or The Bankruptcy Mills?

We go the extra mile for our clients, and we really care about the people who come to us. We treat everyone like family, and they treat us the same. We have truly been blessed to be a beacon, and a savior to people who are at the end of their rope and there is no place else to turn to. We listen. Our motto is and always has been “we help people”. Our motto is on our polo shirts, our book bags, and our t-shirts. This work is our ministry, and our clients have spread the word in our community about how well we treat people. We wrote the book, “The Truth About Bankruptcy in Virginia”. We also have a program called “seven steps to a 720-credit score”. Just Google 720CreditScore.com. The program costs $1000, and it teaches people how to rebuild their credit score back to a 720. Anyone who files a bankruptcy with New Day Legal can take that $1000 class for free! It is an awesome addition to the services we provide, and it shows our clients that we really care about them, even after their case is over.

What Can Someone Expect When They Walk Into Your Office?

When someone meets with us, they do not sit with just a paralegal, they meet with an attorney. We provide an initial strategy session where we get to know our client’s needs, and how they feel about what is going on in their financial and personal lives. People need to know that they can open up with us, and that we are here for them. We ask our clients to come prepared with information about what they owe and to whom. We also need accurate income information going back six months to get an idea of what chapter they will need to file, and how we can best be a blessing to them.

What Can I Expect In Terms Of A Relationship With My Bankruptcy Attorney?

We are hands-on bankruptcy attorneys, and we offer personalized services. Our clients can speak with us anytime they need us. Therefore, we encourage them to text us or send us an email with any question at any time. If they choose to call us, most often questions are resolved very easily by a paralegal. When people call us, they will speak with a paralegal and they will either get their answers immediately, or an attorney will get back to them very quickly. Sometimes our paralegals will know when to defer the calls to us personally. If there are motions involved, our paralegal is the best person to answer those questions. We try to make everybody feel comfortable, and let them know that we are here for them, always.

When Does Your Relationship With A Bankruptcy Client Typically Come To An End?

We like to think that our relationship does not end after the bankruptcy case is closed. At the end of a case, we send a letter that says, “Enclosed is the good news of your final discharge. This means that all of your debts have indeed been discharged. This will end our representation of you in this matter.” And technically it does. However, many clients call afterward that still have questions. They may have questions about their credit report or they want to report to us that a creditor is continuing to have contact with them in some way. We are able to follow up and stop further creditor harassment.

If somebody finds something on their credit report that is inaccurate, we will send a letter to the credit reporting agency, and to the creditor telling them that they have to correct any inaccuracies. They have thirty days to do that, and if they do not, we may file an action against them. We do not file many of those actions, but we do deal with our clients to answer their questions about what is happening after their bankruptcy if they need us to. We have people calling us about other types of matters, such as wills and trusts. They will say, “Now that you’ve done my bankruptcy, can you prepare my will.” So, we do offer other services afterwards. It’s not terribly frequent, but we do get questions about other areas of law, such as traffic and personal injury, and that sort of thing.

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