Why Is It Important For A Bankruptcy Attorney To Be Empathetic?

First, people are scared, they are really up against a wall, and they feel like this is the last resort for them. When they feel like that, there is a high level of emotions. Therefore, we have a firm moto of having compassionate commonality. I have had employees quit, and say, “I am sick and tired of commonality and compassion”, and that is just because there are certain personalities that this business does not work for. We are fortunate that we have spent a lot of time, and dollars to try to put together a topnotch staff. We had an office meeting the other day where the staff said, “This is the best staff ever”. We are very much in harmony where everybody agrees on the mission here and likes working here. They are all geared towards giving people the highest level of empathy, and the highest level of commonality, and compassion.

We work very hard to be listeners; listening is so important in this business. Therefore, here I am doing a lot of talking, but I find myself spending more time listening. That is what helps people to know that we are here for them. They can call anytime, night or day. We are very good at getting back with our clients, and helping them with their problems. We also sympathize when a client is in a bankruptcy, and they do not do what they are supposed to do. We have a trustee who lets us know that a client of ours is not complying with what is required. We look at it from their point of view, and if they have excuses, we try to express our concerns, and make sure they are compliant in the future.

What Stigma Do People Generally Face When Going Through The Bankruptcy Phase?

First, I just think that we get into a position of understanding how they feel, and letting them know that they are not the only ones, or alone. Many people have faced these issues including several of our employees. The next thing is knowing that they are safe. I just got off the phone with a client, and told her that we are here for her, and that we are going to make this better. That goes a long way. You could tell by her response she needed to hear that.

She needed to hear that the future is bright; you are doing the right thing. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, and it is a very strong book about how to handle your finances. He has an opinion that you should never file a bankruptcy, and that is wrong in my book. I have disagreed with him, since practicing bankruptcy law for thirty-one years. He is wrong. Bankruptcy has actually turned out to be one of the best things that people need to look into. The problem is that when they come to see me, they have listened to their friends, and families and they have grown up in a household and hear that we should never file bankruptcy. There are movies and television shows that might say that as well. Nevertheless, there is a reason why Donald Trump has filed six bankruptcies himself.

Yesterday, I thought that it was four, until I read an article who said that there were these two others. It is an intelligent business decision when your finances are in disarray. Therefore, he made that intelligent business decision, and most people would not fault him as being an unintelligent person. After all, he was our president. Walt Disney did it too, Abraham Lincoln did it twice, and so did Henry Ford. When I tell people that, it puts them at ease that you are not the only one who filed for bankruptcy; there are successful people who use bankruptcy as a business tool. That is all it is. This is the time to get rid of your debt, and move on; you are doing the right thing. It is always important to let people know that they are doing the right thing, most people understand and accept it.

Why Is It Important To Work With An Empathetic And Caring Bankruptcy Attorney?

To us, it is very important to be empathetic, and caring. It gives us a complete sense of fulfillment and gets us up in the morning. We get to the office early, and stay late, because we are faced with so many people who are hurting. You have to feel the hurt, understand it, and be able to assuage it, that is, you have to give people answers to their questions, make them feel like they are in good hands. We have had cases go south, Some clients have asked, “What if they don’t accept my bankruptcy”, and I kind of scoff and say, “Every bankruptcy gets accepted, there is no turning you down”. Nevertheless, we recently had a debtor. I am looking at the paperwork in front of me right now who is a very nice fellow from El Salvador. He did not have much grasp of our language, but when he answered one of the questions, which was, “Have you transferred any property in the last 2 years”; he said that he had not, because in his mind, when he sold his property 6 years ago, it was a done deal.

He did not finish the transfer until one year ago, when he actually signed the deed to the buyer. When the U.S. trustee saw that, the U.S. trustee moved to deny him his discharge, because that, among other things, was not a truthful statement concerning his bankruptcy petition. We had to give in. The big picture for this particular guy is that his bankruptcy needed to be denied. Therefore, it is very unusual that the case would be denied. The point here that I am trying to explain is that most clients have their bankruptcy accepted; I mean 999 out of a 1,000 times. I cannot even think of another instance that I have had where somebody’s bankruptcy was denied. Therefore, what I am saying is that our job is to assure our clients that everything is going to be okay; their life is going to be better.

People visit us, and bring candy, flowers and plants. Every Saint Patrick’s Day, they bring us corned beef and cabbage. It is because we are family. We treat people like family and make people feel good about what we do. I really feel like we are contributing something to the community and it is one of the most fulfilling evocations I could possibly have ever engaged in. I did not plan to be a bankruptcy attorney, but I sure am proud and happy that is what I am doing.

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The thing that I need to emphasize is we have such a perfect staff right now that everything is working so well and we are interested to see where our next clients come from. We always ask everybody how did you find us, and we have found that the word of mouth advertising has just expanded like we never knew it would. More than eight out of ten clients find us by word of mouth.

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